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Blogging - Asciidoc, Emacs Org-Mode

Submitted by devblog on Sun, 02/07/2017 - 23:29

Blogging can be quite tedious. Why can't it be as simple as creating a Microsoft Word document and uploading it to the page? I have no idea how the internet industry managed to inflict the clusterfuck of HTML and CSS on normal human beings. Drupal developer community did not make it easier for mere mortals by inflicting all kinds of restrictions for people who just wanted to churn out a short note in 5 minutes. Things like making inline CSS difficult, with the expectation that you hard to use CSS files stored on the file system, or even CSS injector did not help much.

Inflicting Filtered HTML with a very restricted set of tags on people who didn’t understand it very well, and warning folks of all kinds of hell and damnation if they dared use something like Full HTML didn’t help. And even with that you couldn’t use <span> and <style> tags. Not quite sure about span. It is/was probably <style>.

It is only recently (it could have been earlier) that I discovered Code per Node and it has made it much easier to add CSS and Javascript to pages. It makes the writing process more tolerable. Even when default code is set for a content type, the code attached to the node takes precedence.

I have never liked WYSIWYG modules like CKEditor,TinyMCE etc as they tamper with your HTML and are not so good in technical blogging, and I have had to install all kinds of filters such as Caption, Inline, GeSHi and Video Filter.

On the markup side Drupal’s contrib Markdown filter has been somewhat iffy, and so has the BBCode filter. Looking around for other more compact documenting systems led me to the Asciidoc utility and its more advanced brother Asciidoctor. In combination with another Drupal module called Custom Filter which makes it easy to create your own filters, I think I have hit on a combination of modules which allow me as much freedom and fine control on my pages as I want.

No mention of Emacs orgmode in the blog? This blog is over three years old, but never got published because I wasn't imaginative enough to fix some errors caused by the use of the asciidoc filter. But after being more attentive it is complete now.

Yes I do use orgmode and plan to use it on future articles. I might have mentioned it on other posts later than this one, and if not I will add more on it later on.

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