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The Electronic Brain

Submitted by Carlos Quinto on Sun, 28/08/2016 - 19:55

(from Advaita Musings)

Thinking along similar lines as the Direct Post Processing Induction let us consider a different case. In this one consciousness arises as an effect of the states in an electronic computer, rather than those in a biological brain.

In this example the whole world is modelled right down to the quantum level in a computer and the sentient aspect of the brain models the biological brain exactly, only in this example consciousness arises from the electronic states.

It can be considered identical to the 3D World in a computer game in which the sentient intelligence exists within and as part of the game itself.

Let us consider this. In the real world the intelligent consciousness is (apparently) able to study its own workings by examining the biological brain, studying its connections and creating theoretical models of its workings. We can introduce a twist in this computer brain. When the intelligence in the computer brain attempts to examine its workings, instead of being presented with images of electronic circuitry and the capability to probe it and interact with it physically (all simulated), it is presented with images of a biological brain whose workings model that of the electronic brain perfectly.

Could it be then we are in fact the electronic brain, but are unable, nor will we ever be able to bypass this biological view of the brain to access it directly?

Are all the thoughts and possibilities being explored in this blog actually being formulated in a wholly electronic brain whose programming has been adjusted to present a biological model when the observer attempts to probe the workings of their consciousness? An electronic brain whose effects can be witnessed as the effects in our consciousness, but one we will never ever have direct access to?

Is this a possibility?

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