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Google is 'colorist' and it's your fault Jeff!! - Mahubo

Submitted by afrocentric on Wed, 20/07/2016 - 11:02

On to Mahubo. Polio and FGM Survivor, Youtube star, life coach, parodier of Somali culture and general irritant to Islam flavored Somali sensibilities and cultural attitudes. I don't understand a lot of it but I get the general idea. With Mahubo it is more of the same but with both thumbnail and full image displaying mostly white or much lighter complexioned people. With both images the pic is classified as headgear with a surprising twist at the end.

Mahubo Thumbnail - Cropped

Mahubo Thumbnail - Visually Similar Images

The visually similar images which is linked here displays a lot of people with some orthondotic headgear, which I found rather uncanny, because though there is nothing on the pic to suggest them, Mahubo does wear a leg brace, something you will only discover if you watch enough of her Youtube videos. Deep inside the neural nets have the algos been able to associate Mahubo's face with her leg brace, then on to orthondotic headgear, or did the algos simply associate the word headgear with orthodontic headgear? Is this the beginning of The Rise of The Machines? Jeff you may have to lot of answer for one of these days.

After Hodan's pic I thought Mahubo's pic didn't have much more to reveal that we didn't know already, but has turned out rather surprising. In any case the algos should know the differences between hijabs, woolly hats and protective headgear. The orthondotic headgear is rather surprising.

With the full images there is not much difference as the thumbnail probably contained as much information as could be used.

Mahubo Full

Mahubo Full Image - Visually Similar Images

You learn something new everyday and boy was I surprised to see the orthodontic headgear and how radical or even extreme some of it seems to be. One of the image links led me to this site speaking of some of the side effects of such headgear. I should have done some orthodontics when I was younger, but I have to admit that my Dad was quite disinterested, and the mouthpiece I was given as so uncomfortable I hardly wore it for a day.

This stuff seems to explain why you don't see people from the developed world with goofy teeth anymore. Orthodontics is so prevalent that it has almost become a right of passage for a lot of young people. The problem is such stuff hides the genetic makeup of people you might consider dating or marrying, which is a no no in my book. I'd rather be aware of whatever flaws there are and make an informed choice. Brings to mind celebrities who undergo plastic surgery to fix their noses, forgetting their children will inherit those traits from them.

UPDATE: I did a search on the term headgear and Google brought up a few images featuring orthodontic headgear. I asked a friend with me to check on his laptop and the images also came up, which may be down to Google profiling by location. I guess others have to do the same so we can be sure those are not the result of profiling. Well then Jeff, it may not be The Rise Of The Machines after all.

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