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Google is 'colorist' and it's your fault Jeff! - Jeff

Submitted by afrocentric on Wed, 20/07/2016 - 11:00

Jeff Dean

In relation to my interest in Lua I got to know about Torch, and from that got to know about Tensorflow then on to this video Google Tech Talk with Jeff Dean at Campus Seoul, talk about TensorFlow featuring the Chuck Norris of hyperscale computer infrastructure.

Around the 36 minute mark a picture of a young girl popups with a caption of the description fed to the system and the computers own descriptions.

Young White Girl with Pink Teddy Bear

The description suggested to the system (by the human) was : A young girl asleep on the sofa cuddling a stuffed bear. I had noticed this shortcoming earlier in Google image searches and left the comment Shouldn't that be a young white girl asleep? I had already planned to go totally medievalpoc on the issue to pimp my other blogs, but the response to the comment on the video gives me cause to direct it to a more technical audience now I know more about the technology and the personalities, including the main man himself, Jeff. I can call you Jeff, can't I? One day you will be as famous as Sid.

So you think I am wrong huh? Okay, here we go. This is important because it surrounds my interests and devotion to our Most Gracious Queen Elizabeth, and her important role at this most critical juncture in Western Christian European civilization and its future. (You know there is an agenda somewhere in here, there is always an agenda).

Here are a few women, my women, sort of, social media friends, sort of. The kind of friends you acquire when you have too much time on your hands and spend it faffing about on social media. Let's see what happens when Google image search is asked to look them up. Click on their images to see what I discovered when searched their images on Google. Ewurabena isn't done yet because Jeff thorougly shocked me when I looked up her image that I don't even know what to do yet. You can try yourself in the meantime.

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