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Down with Grey on White fonts!!

Submitted by devblog on Sat, 12/09/2009 - 21:56

One of my pet hates on the web is grey on white fonts. They really annoy me, perhaps my eyesight isn't that good. For 600 years since Gutenberg mankind has been fed a healthy diet of black fonts on a white background, and all of a sudden the last twenty years has seen web page designers using grey and other pastel colours on a white background.

Now a question to all those theme designers - how many of the books you studied college used grey fonts on white backgrounds? Answer - evidently none yet you insist on inflicting grey on white text on poor unsuspecting folks like ourselves. Do spare us.

I don't want to put down web designers but if there is something about grey fonts on a white background that we don't know about they should kindly tell us.

If you are a Drupal user and your fonts contrast is not so good check if your theme uses the color module and can be adjusted at admin/build/themes/settings/<themename> . The color module is enabled by default. Check in the Core section of admin/build/modules/list if it is not.

Yours sincerely,

A bloke with not so good eyes

PS. there are lots worse than me.

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