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Back to Drupal, humbly, tailly, leggy

Submitted by devblog on Mon, 18/01/2010 - 22:00

I have wanted to revive my blogging, mostly tech related stuff. My previous one got cluttered with all kinds of irrelevant stuff and made it unsuitable as a blog.

I have had my issues with Drupal for a while, mostly due to its non OO nature, which can be a bit of a problem when you are used to encapsulation and interfaces,and don't want make alterations to code and prefer to either subclass or interface with other modules in the system. Vigorous defences by some Drupal contributors haven't helped either, though it has to be admitted that its legacy does not make so easy, as Microsoft can testify to.

Now here I was, looking all kinds of different options, Wordpress, ModXCms, Frogcms, SilverStripe, Joomla (yes Joomla) and a whole lot of others you've never heard of before, asking myself, will it be easy to adapt, will it be easy to upgrade, will I be able to make changes to it, does it have a large community, etc, etc, etc? Do I really have the time to acquaint myself properly with them, even it it may pay of in the long term - after all it is simply a blog?

I checked a few of their sites, read a few blogs about them, and realized that most of them don't seem to have the size, depth and breadth of community that Drupal has, which in the long term is what really counts. I have also began to get better acquainted, with Drupal, and things are much clearer when theming is well understood and kept separated from nodes, content, users etc.

When you get Drupal's take on MVC sorted out on the conceptual level it gets easier to understand, but it is still not so good coding level, though that is not an issue for me as I am quite at ease with coding.

So Drupal, here I return humbly with my tail between my legs from fear of the big, wide, scary PHP CMS world. Now there - don't feel too proud, it is only for my personal dev blog (sure of that? - ed) .

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