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Quitting IT / Technology?

Submitted by devblog on Sun, 08/03/2020 - 00:00

I think I may be quitting IT/Tech to pursue a creative career.

Most of my IT interests have tended to involve monetizing my personal interests in tech, but I think given the state of tech I am not that interested anymore.

IT has not evolved as I wanted and I find doing so many things backwards, like there is no progress in the basic IT Admin toolset. Programming is or probably was my original interest, but I kind of switched to IT Admin, mostly on the Linux side, and Unix shell programming quite frankly is an acquired taste, and I probably didn't learn Python well enough.

As for PHP it basically ruined my web career when began web programming in the early 2000s. I just couldn't stand the language and the syntax errors it kept throwing up and went back to Delphi. As an interpreter I have to admit PHP offered quick turnaround times, and I was well into developing frameworks before frameworks became the rage. The syntax issues were just too much to bear.

I had some quite some success using PHP to program Asterisk, and a bit of Drupal. Drupal has never been quite my thing, but it is one of the things that has kept me around PHP and as you see with this website being Drupal there is still some PHP in the works. I guess I will be using PHP with Drupal for a while, but once I get the integration my blogs data structures sorted out I will probabl roll out a CMS of my own.

Emacs is now my thing and in using EXWM as my desktop and org-mode as my organizer I will be using Elisp for a while and it will be the basis of a blog post every now and then.

To sum I am disappointed at how the tools available to power users have failed to evolve over the years, and on switching to Linux which I prefer for its open source nature, the lack of integration between all its components has been truly abysmal. Everytime I have to copy something from one application and paste it in another a kitten dies within me. I always ask myself - Why am I having to do it like this? Why do I have to be copying and pasting here and there and trying to connect data from so many different languages when I want to get data from one place to another? The Unix Hater's Handbook makes so much sense. I wonder how the writers would have felt if they had been using Smalltalk rather than Lisp?

Desktop Linux has been such a disappointment, whether as a result of Redhat/Gnome not having much interest in developing a desktop with well integrated components, or the other desktop pretenders, KDE, opting to develop a desktop based on C++ without having a data model and scripting language to glue it all together. The whole thing has been a mess, and one wonders whether things will improve given the indifference to backward compatibility which seems to have plagued those environments. Everytime you upgrade, you wind up missing stuff which was present in the previous versions. The successors barely implement the stuff which was present in earlier versions, and when they do they rarely never match their quality.

When you think of the promise offered by Lisp and Smalltalk you wonder how affairs managed to degrade to this state. It looks like once Linus created Linux, and Sun created Java all the existing the existing Smalltalk and Lisp systems got mothballed on the grounds that they were expensive systems based on proprietary hardware, when in fact a longer term effort should have been made to build OSs from scratch around them given how hard and fast commodity hardware was going to evolve. Then you have the industry majors whose interest in Linux only went as far as ensuring that they had drivers for Linux so they could flog their hardware.

I have to cut this short or else I'll ramble forever. I will refine it in the passage of time as and when my thoughts get cleared up and some of it will be in separate posts.

In short I'm disappointed and done with the whole setup. If newer languages (I've wanted to try elixir) can be combined with decent GUIs and data models I might be interested again, but I'm basically done. I guess I was never truly an IT guy at heart, just a power user. If I have more time on my hands I will try to create a Smalltalk or integrate an existing one into the Delphi/Lazarus VCLs, or perhaps pay someone else to do it.

The thing that will keep this blog going for a while is my dislike for using third-party services like Google, Dropbox. I like to self-host virtually all my stuff and that will keep me blogging. Sometimes I wonder whether I still dabble in IT because I have become an apologist for the clusterfuck that personal computing has become for both end users and power users like myself. I wish to see it work and prove to the world that it can work. But why should I do that when so called industry leaders are bent on disrupting the environment at every given opportunity? If open source is to become more successful and free of the whims of the so called leaders it will need better funding.

But right now I have to whip out my easel and paintbrushes and get going, or else I will be tempted to plunge into the depths of Linux logs, pipes, Git and whatnots.

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