Google is 'colorist' and it's your fault Jeff! - Isabelle

Isabelle, my Eleanor of Aquitaine, my favourite French queen. She IS French. You must know by now that I do have a thing for Isabelles.
Isabelle's her features tell me she is African but she has very long fine hair which would lead one to suspect that she is Asian. She can be quite light in complexion but tans very well. I'd place her origins her roots in the West African Sahel or North Africa.

Google is 'colorist' and it's your fault Jeff!! - Mahubo

On to Mahubo. Polio and FGM Survivor, Youtube star, life coach, parodier of Somali culture and general irritant to Islam flavored Somali sensibilities and cultural attitudes. I don't understand most of it but I get the general drift. With Mahubo it is more of the same but with both thumbnail and full image displaying mostly white or much lighter complexioned people. With both images the pic is classified as headgear with a surprising twist at the end.

Google is 'colorist' and it's your fault Jeff! - Hodan


Let's view the search outcomes starting with Hodan. Hodan is my favourite Dutch princess, not Somali, not African, not Muslim, but simply a proper European princess, soon to be Empress. With Hodan and some of the other ladies here, total absolute, Habsbourgeous world domination will be achieved. Soon. Heil. You should see some of her pics on social media. This photo doesn't do her justice, but she does look good with a dash of red about her. Red earrings and necklaces set of ebony skin very well (though in Hodan's case we might some problems with that*). In this instance we have a hijab and lipstick in a shade of red which complements her skin beautifully.

Google is 'colorist' and it's your fault Jeff! - Jeff

Jeff Dean

In relation to my interest in Lua I got to know about Torch, and from that got to know about Tensorflow then on to this video Google Tech Talk with Jeff Dean at Campus Seoul, talk about TensorFlow featuring the Chuck Norris of hyperscale computer infrastructure.

Rolling with Lua

For some time I have been looking for an interpreted language with a good GUI toolkit which would allow me to have the ease of use of an interpreter wit the ability to drop down to a compiled language when speed is necessary. FreePascal and Lazarus with the LCL are my preferred tools for performance computing, but I also need something which avoids the compiling overhead and good for rapid iteration.

Journal Module as a Basic Configuration Tracker for Drupal

Keeping a log of changes made to a Drupal site is a challenging affair and I have been looking for something to help. I checked out Configuration Management module but found it too complicated for my basic needs.

Mollom to the rescue


I checked the Content page for comments the last few days and saw the huge amount of spam comments accumulated for moderation. Mollom had been catching spam comments and holding them for moderation and after deleting the existing ones to see how much spam was arriving I realized I was getting at least 500 spams every day. The recommended setting for each content type is to discard comments which are detected as spam, and I may have configured Mollom to hold them for moderation to check its efficacy, or it may have been the previous default.

Getting Sound Notifications working on Thunderbird

Email Notifications on Thunderbird were not working.

I checked the preferences, selected a sound and tried to play it to no avail. It seems that some sound libraries necessary to get sound notifications to work with Thunderbird were not installed. You would think it would feature prominently in Thunderbird's documentation unless it is there and I couldn't find it.

Taxonomy Access Control and Node Privacy By Role override Domain Access

Problem: After having Taxonomy Access Control and Node Privacy By Role operating all content began to show on all domains. It turns out that Domain Access acts in OR mode with other node access modules so that making content visible under other Node Access systems overrides an Domain Access settings. I have been using both Node Privacy By Role and Taxonomy Access Control and need to find a way to make them work.

Enabling Domain editing from other domains besides the primary domain.

The Domain module disables editing domains when the admin is not logged into the primary domain. This is a snapshot for the section for changing that setting underat /admin/structure/domain/settings.
It may be better to use the main offline admin domain as the default domain.

I don't know what the side effects of turning it off are. I will look that up.


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